How do we work?

Initial Meeting

We provide you with an initial consultation at our expense. This helps us to understand your financial objectives and will confirm how we can support you in working towards these. We will also discuss the cost, and levels, of our services both initially and throughout our relationship with you. Should you show interest in taking the consultation further we may also ask you to complete letters of authority from existing plans, this will enable us to obtain information to facilitate further meetings.



• We will review all plans you hold in line with your objectives, risk tolerance and current circumstances.
• We will then design a suitable financial plan adopting an appropriate investment strategy. The strategy will include usage of tax wrappers, where appropriate life cover and referrals or meetings with other professionals.


• We will discuss all your plans and investments including their features and suitability based on your objectives and risk tolerances.
• We will present our recommendations including benefits and any potential drawbacks of proceeding with our advice. We will always keep you in a fully informed position.
• If you agree to proceed with our recommendations, we will charge you an initial fee for implementing the financial plan. We also charge an ongoing fee for investment management, ongoing financial advice, and management of your policies. We may also implement a retainer fee dependent on your financial circumstances and work involved.


• Our expert financial advisers and the back-office team will implement the advice given to you in the meeting.
• We will keep you updated and informed along each step of the way until the process and implementation of your financial plan is complete.

Ongoing Review

• Based on the complexities of your plans, we will meet at least once a year to review your financial position and assets where you are in relation to your goals and objectives.
• We will assess your risk profiles and if necessary, make changes to your investment strategies to ensure you are on track to meet your goals.
• Agree any new investments or changes to your portfolio.
• You have access to your dedicated financial adviser throughout the year and if necessary, multiple meetings can be arranged to accommodate your financial requirements.

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