It’s good to save

Whether you intend to save on a regular basis, invest a lump sum or grow the money you already have invested, structured savings and investment advice will help you achieve your aims and goals.

We provide guidance on investment strategy, liquidity, portfolio construction, risk profiling and tax efficiency. Whilst all this may sound confusing our experienced financial advisers will explain and guide you through the various stages and options to tailor the right investment portfolio for you.

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    Investment Risk

    A degree of risk is taken with all types of investment but of course they are not all the same. The higher the potential risk is, the higher the potential gain should be. It’s our job to make sure that you understand the potential risks and that they match your own preference for exposure to risk and capacity for loss.

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    Investing Reviews

    All Investment plans should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they are still on track to meet your expectations and goals.

    Reviews have an important part to play in the success of long term investing. A review service is available to you where we will discuss all aspects of your investment planning, including performance, suitability, and risk assessment. Keeping you informed and aware of your investment planning is important to us, and it is something the FPC truly believes in.

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    ISA Investments

    You can now invest up to £20,000 in the current tax year into a Individual Savings Account (ISA). You can invest this into various eligible investments (like unit trusts below), cash or a combination of the two up to a total of £20,000. You can also now benefit from being able to transfer from a Stocks and Shares Isa to a Cash Isa and vice versa should your requirements or circumstances change. You can also have separate providers for both accounts.

    ISAs enjoy major tax advantages, both capital profits and income receipts are totally free from any liability to tax within the fund.

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    Unit Trust / OEICS

    Basically, OEICs and Unit Trusts are a flexible and relatively cheap way to invest in the stock market. They are run and regulated in a similar way, and you can hold them within an ISA or as a standalone product. There are differences and you will usually find that unit trusts have two prices – the ‘bid’ which is the lower price you receive when you sell, and the higher ‘offer’ price you pay to invest. The difference between the two prices is commonly known as the bid/offer spread. With an OEIC there is just a single price to buy and sell shares.

    Values will fluctuate on a daily basis with market conditions.

    Pooling your money together with other investors, gives the individual access to a much wider spread of holdings than can normally be achieved with smaller sums of money.

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    Investment Bonds

    An Investment Bond provides a way of investing your money over a medium to long term for potential higher returns than you might get from a Bank or Building Society.

    The Bond itself is just a framework as your money is invested in funds of your choice, or pre-defined model portfolios. A wide range of funds are available covering all the main asset classes, allowing you to spread your risk.

    Tax advantages include 5% tax deferred withdrawals of the original investment, and the gains have no further liability to Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax for basic rate tax payers.

    Investment Bonds are popular for use in Inheritance Tax planning using trusts.

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    Structured Products

    Structured Products come in many forms. They can have varied terms usually between 3 and 6 years and some can last as little as one. The returns you make will usually be linked to a financial index like the FTSE 100. The terms of each plan, including the potential return, are set at the beginning.

    Some products will offer tax free returns as they accept Cash Isa transfers and Stocks and Shares Isa’s which are tax free. Other products are liable to tax which will be either savings tax or Capital Gains Tax.

    These products always contain a level of protection against stockmarket falls, but capital can be lost under certain circumstances. The plans change every 4-6 weeks, but your adviser can explain the current offerings in detail. These popular plans can be a useful accompaniment to more traditional investments.

Financial Planning Products & Services

Here’s short descriptions of financial planning services offered complete with links to pages with greater content.

  1. Retirement Planning

    Retirement can seem a lifetime away especially when you’re young. It now seems more and more likely that we will have to rely on ourselves to provide the income we will need rather than the state, so it makes sense to start saving as soon possible.

    Our job is to make pensions simple for you. Simple to understand, and simple to appreciate.

    Building your pension savings

    Pensions are, of course, designed to enable you to save sufficient money to live comfortably after you have retired from work. We can show you how much your current plans will give you (if you have any), and then show you what you can do if it isn’t going to be enough. Simple!

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  2. Retirement Income Options

    Start Planning Now!

    Within the last 5 years of your working life it is extremely important that you regularly review your pension arrangements.

    Firstly, have you enough money saved in your pension? You still have time to increase your payments or contribute single premiums to build up your fund and improve your pension, and of course benefit from the tax relief added to your plan.

    Secondly it is extremely important to make sure your money is invested with the degree of risk you are comfortable with. The nearer to retirement you are the more secure your investment strategy should be, as you don’t want the prospect of retirement spoilt by a sudden downturn in the stock markets.

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  3. Wealth Platform

    How can it help?

    The Wealth Management System allows your adviser to invest your money across all of the different asset classes using the top performing funds in all sectors of the market. You will benefit from being able to switch easily and cost effectively between funds and fund managers, all with limited and straightforward paperwork and administration, all at no additional cost.

    The service is designed to meet individual needs wherever you are in the financial planning cycle, whether your objectives are to create wealth, preserve wealth or to transfer wealth. Over 2200 investment funds are available with some of the most popular fund managers in the market.

    We have readymade and risk rated portfolios instantly accessible, enabling your adviser to invest your money with the degree of risk you are happy to take.

    Our flexible investment and pension contracts have no initial charges or exit penalties, and we can arrange your own client view giving you access to all your investment valuations in one place.

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  4. Savings & Investment

    Whether your intention is to save regularly for a specific purpose or to grow the money you have already accumulated, structured savings and investment advice will help you achieve your aims and goals.

    We don’t sell plans or policies, we provide you with good quality, independent investment advice to help your money grow. We will provide guidance on investment strategy, liquidity, portfolio construction, risk profiling and tax efficiency. Whilst all this may sound confusing, our experienced financial advisers will explain and guide you through all the various stages and options to tailor the right investment plan for you.

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  5. Equity Release

    Popular Reasons for Releasing Equity

    There are no restrictions relating to what the funds can be spent on. You can spend the money on yourself; your home; your family; in fact anything at all. Here are some other popular reasons to release equity:

    Paying off debt or clearing your mortgage; home improvements; a special holiday or car;
    helping your children; improving your lifestyle and general financial peace of mind.

    Who might qualify for Equity Release?

    Most Equity Release schemes require that the participants be over the age of 55, and any outstanding mortgage or secured loans must be paid off beforehand, or when the funds are released.

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  6. Protection

    Unfortunately life is not as predictable as we might like. Bereavement, major illness, accidents and unemployment can easily threaten our financial security. Correctly planned, cost effective insurance cover can often mitigate these problems when they arise.

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  7. Wills

    MAKING A WILL is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death. If you have not made a valid Will, your property will pass according to the law of intestacy. This may not be what you would have wished for, but in any event, it is likely to take longer to finalise your affairs than if you had made a Will. During this time, your beneficiaries may not be able to draw any money from your estate. It can mean arguments and distress for relatives. Making a Will lets your loved ones know you cared enough to ‘sort things out’ in advance.

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We believe that face to face personal discussions are extremely important in fully understanding your needs. As such out initial meeting is at our expense, and without obligation or time restraint. During our discussions we will encourage you to talk about yourselves, your concerns, aims and objectives, and at the end of the meeting we should have a clear idea of what is important to you, and how best we might help.

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